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Barry Segal

Empowering Growth

Barry Segal, grew up in a family-oriented Real Estate and Business environment. In his early teens, Barry showed an interest in architectural design, farming, and land utilization. Later, Barry entered the Florida Real Estate Industry in 1985, recalling: “… back in those days, Real Estate was not as glorious as it appeared”. Barry’s creative mind leads him to focus on what he saw lacking in the industry: The availability & ability to use systems to the clients’ advantage. This focus led him towards Business Consulting, where he was lured into the Jewelry Industry, where integrity, customer service, and quality were vital areas to long term success. After spending 18 years in downtown Miami’s Jewelry Mecca; The Seybold Building, Barry finally decided to return to Real Estate. Barry is excited to connect his experiences and lead, with integrity, dedication and focus on our Buyer and Sellers’ individual needs. The XLN Realty Group, now covers a great portion of the South Florida region; expanding to over 20 counties in the State. 

Buying a House
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